Corporate Social Responsibility

At the RAS Group, we understand our responsibility towards our environment and we abide by it. We believe in leaving the world a little better than we have found it. We are committed towards providing better standard of living for the people of the communities who come under our jurisdiction.   We run a 100% green power plant through our rooftop solar panels. 100% of rain water is back charged to ground through water harvesting. We have obtained various environmental certifications for our contributions in the field of corporate social responsibility. We put in all our efforts to minimize the wastage from our units. For this we recycle and reuse our effluvium to its utmost capacity. All our inputs are made from PP Resin making our FIBCS 100% recyclable. Planting trees in order to expand the greenery around us helps us to control and monitor the quality of air emissions.  We also try and contribute towards the SWACCHH BHARAT CAMPAIGN through our social initiative called RECYCLE AND SAVE INDIA (

Totally inclined towards our employees and also the society at large, we at RAS Group fulfil our social responsibilities with utmost concern. Our employees are provided with all the basic facilities including housing, medical and education for their children. Our employees are our extended family and hence they are very important to us.  We strictly follow no child labor policy.   All our employees are put through rigorous training sessions to avoid any kind of accident that may occur at our factories. Awareness programs are hosted in order to provide extensive knowledge on hazardous conditions surrounding the workplace and measures to protect themselves.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Personal and operational hygiene is our foremost concern. Our employees are taught the importance of cleanliness and hygiene at both personal and professional front. We understand the need to practice cleanliness, especially when food products are packed using our packaging solutions and we ensure that all our bags are dust free, germ free and pollutants free. We, as a team are totally committed towards maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of our products.