In the world of packaging there are many ways to stand out. And we have certainly made a statement with our BIG BAGS. With the experience that we possess we have been able to pioneer the art of manufacturing a wide range of FIBCS depending on the needs and requirements of the client.  Customization of our bags is done as per the requirement of every individual client belonging to different sectors like industrial, agricultural, personal as well as the real estate sector. We have a fully integrated manufacturing system of these FIBCS which sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Every single step involving the manufacturing of a bag is carried out in our campus itself.

FIBC / Big Bags

Bulk bags, another commonly used name for FIBC  bags are the most popular form of bulk goods packaging in the market. They are used for the transport and storage of all types of loose or granulated materials.

PP Woven Bags


ppwoven sackThese bags are clean, strong and easy to sew bags which are used for a number of industrial uses like sand bags as well as for packaging bulk coffee, rice and other dry foods. These laminated bags are also used for solid chemicals, fertilizers, food grains, animal feeds etc.



Also known as the multi layered bag, BOPP bags are laminated and printed in colourful and attractive designs. These bags have high tensile strength and impeccable physical properties like good dimensional stability, water proofing, transparency etc.  These bags are majorly used in the food industry and also to pack other dry products extensively for retail purpose.

Block Bottom Bags


These are square bottom bags which provide an ideal base for standing displays.  They combine the benefits of a traditional side gusseted bag and a stand up pouch, and rolls it into a package that sits narrow on the shelf, doesn’t tip over and squares up like a box. These bags are generally used for cement, resin and other bulk packaging.

Leno Bags


These are made of strong yet sheer fabrics, specially woven and designed to maintain the freshness of packed goods by allowing air inside the bags to prevent inner moisture that may spoil the goods. These bags are used for packing fresh vegetables, fruits, potatoes, onions, etc.

Fabric Rolls